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Celebrating Impact of IIA's Women-focused Initiatives

The theme for International Women’s Day, 8 March, 2022 (IWD 2022; Break the Bias (#BreakTheBias), fronts for a gender equal world, where difference is valued and celebrated. It calls for all-of-society approach in forging women's equality.

Women have proven to be reliable leaders in driving social impact, economic advancement, and sustainability. If we are to optimize sustainable development and the mitigation of systemic challenges, there is a need to #empowerwomen as a way of ensuring inclusive participation.  

We take pleasure in sharing in the success stories of women-owned enterprises. These stories signify positive strides towards closing the glaring #genderequality gap.

We will continue to take a front seat in #EmpoweringWomenEnterprises to actively partake in the creation of a sustainable and equal future. This will be possible by ensuring they can #AccessMarkets, #AccessSkills and #AccessFinance through the #IIANetwork 

See IIA's Impact on Women: { PDF media file: IIA Impact on Women }