Mauritania Projects

Invest in Africa Mauritania(IIA-M) is a not for profit initiative, established in 2020 in Mauritania, that works across sectors with leading businesses & driving forces of the country to do following things:

  1. 1. Create a coordinated way for industry to build competitive local businesses
  2. 2. Improve those local suppliers (SMEs) access to market information, business skills and finance
  3. 3. Improve the investment climate and quality of policy discussions in markets where we operate

The impact of our coordinated industry led-initiative work is tracked against the USD of the value retained in the local economy through IIA’s work as well as the number of jobs created.

IIA-Mauritania is striving to work with leading private sector corporates whilst being guided by the leadership of Mauritania’s strong public sector - including corporates from other sectors and key public sector bodies - to deliver programmes that benefit the local economy beyond, starting with Oil & Gas. IIA-M will bring existing members(including banking, training, certification and donor funders) together to create a business skills training programme to help local supplies in Mauritania understand what it takes to be competitive and support them to access these standards. IIA will do this by:

  • a) Identifying, validating and linking credible local suppliers to larger corporates
  • b) Helping industry save resources by working together for a greater collective impact than possible alone knowing that minimum standards have been met
  • c) Running local supplier forums, to explain industry standards needed to participate, time frames and what’s realistically possible in country
  • d) Offer contractors a pool of credible local supplier to work with and grow over time
  • e) Ability to track suppliers standards over time, identify skills shortages and design training & policy interventions with shared costs
  • f) Connect supplier to certification and finance to create a pipeline of competitive vendors
  • g) Create a sustainable legacy for the country.
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