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Invest in Africa and the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Give Briefing to Investors in London

On Thursday 25th May, Invest in Africa hosted an exclusive briefing event featuring the Ghana Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Robert Ahomka-Lindsay on Ghana’s investment prospects and opportunities at EY London.

Hon. Robert Ahomka-Lindsay shared the current administration’s priorities to, within the next four years, make Ghana the most attractive investment destination in Africa once again. According to the Deputy Minister, priority industries include aluminium, garment & textiles, industrial salts (alkaline), pharmaceuticals and petro-chemicals (gas and crude).

Nurturing and supporting the current job creators in the Ghanaian economy is another focus of the current administration. Hon. Ahomka-Lindsay discussed how the government have begun a stimulus programme for companies with the greatest job creation potential by providing them with tax breaks and other monetary incentives to help them stay in business and create more jobs.

The Deputy Minister also highlighted the country’s bureaucratic structures as an obstacle to doing free and open business, explaining how the government already has plans in place to successfully de-bureaucratise these systems.

He expressed his delight to be working with Invest in Africa to drive investment and create new opportunities with local SMEs. Invest in Africa’s online platform, the African Partner Pool (APP), connects SMEs to large companies helping SMEs access new tenders, training and finance.

With an historic election in the rear view for the country, Ghana sits at a crossroads in its economic and development strategy. Once the beacon of the Africa rising narrative, Ghana’s tumultuous economic growth, energy crisis and falling commodity prices in recent years have caused some panic and anxiety within the general public. However, Hon. Ahomka-Lindsay believes the country’s best days are still yet to come.