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Business Linkage Programme

What is the Business Linkage Programme (BLP)?

The BLP is a $4m training and mentorship programme designed to assist small and medium enterprises to fast track their businesses from locally good to globally competitive over 3 years.

Who is behind the BLP?

The BLP is being funded by the African Development Bank’s SME division FAPA and the FMO (Dutch Development Bank). The Programme is delivered by IIA and its Partners.

What does the BLP want to achieve?

The BLP offers 120 Ghanaian SMEs access to $30,000 worth of training and consultancy for a fraction of the cost. The aim is to develop Ghanaian companies to a stage where they can:

     -  Win new clients locally, regionally and internationally

     -  Increase profit through greater efficiency

     -  Access finance

     -  Create new jobs

How does it Work?

Invest in Africa has designed a bespoke training programme that will take high growth potential SMEs through the following steps:

1.  Entrepreneurship Excellence Training

2.  Bespoke analysis of each SMEs’ business strengths and weaknesses

3.  Management training from globally recognised consultancy and IIA Partner EY (formally Ernst & Young)

4.  Mentorship and coaching support from global experts

5.  Technical guidance to improve the quality of goods and services

6.  Showcase their new business skills, goods and services on the African Partner Pool to win new business

Successful enterprises will be supported by local and international mentors and consultants to:

     -  Deliver goods and services to time, quality and scale

     -  Win new business and export to new markets

     -  Meet international standards

     -  Access finance from IIA’s Partner Banks

How do I apply to the BLP?

The BLP is only open to the following SMEs, those:

     -  Operating in any of the 10 regions of Ghana

     -  Who have been in business for up to 2 years or more

     -  With between 15 – 100 employees

     -  Who have the desire to improve company efficiency and capacity

To apply or for further information,

Email: BLP@investinafrica.com or Call 0342290974 or 0303938751

To increase the chance of winning a place on the BLP applicants must:

1.  Join the APP as a local supplier

2.  Complete their profile, demonstrating efforts to be transparent and embed governance standards.