Case Study

Edge S & S

As experienced by many SMEs operating in Ghana, Edge S&S, a global sourcing and supply company, had challenges trying to do business with multinational companies operating in the country. Prince Boateng, Managing Director of Edge S&S, shares his story of how joining the APP has benefited his company.

The Problem: Accessing Tenders

“Prior to joining the APP, Edge S&S had limited exposure to multinational companies operating in Ghana. Business was limited to the same old clients so whenever we wanted to access tenders from multinational companies we had to buy lots of newspapers to look for opportunities advertised in them.

“When I was introduced to the APP and the opportunity it offers to access tenders from multiple companies across various sectors, I quickly signed up my business. Within a few weeks, we got the opportunity to respond to a tender request from UT Bank and thankfully, after evaluation, we won a one year contract to supply their stationery requirements.”

The Impact of the APP on my Business

“The APP has simplified the process of searching for tenders saving us time and resources. Instead of moving from one newspaper and website to another looking for tenders, I now simply log onto the APP and see many tenders from lots of businesses all in one place. The APP has also helped us to grow our business and reach new clients.

“For example, winning the one year contract from UT Bank was our very first time working for the Bank and we are really excited by this new opportunity. In addition, the APP has given us the chance to engage with many other companies including Tullow Oil, Newmont Mining, Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited, EY, GE, AB & David and Lonrho, to name a few. Without the APP, it is most unlikely that Edge S&S could have had access to all these buyers.”

Why Sign up to the APP?

“Local SMEs struggle to get opportunities to do business with multinational companies, do not generally have access to information on tenders and therefore cannot submit bids. This is why I urge all SMEs to register on the APP. It gives you an excellent opportunity to access tenders from various companies, all on one platform. Signing up is simple and the cost is very reasonable.

I believe the APP provides a fantastic opening for Ghanaian companies to showcase their goods and services to multinational companies across sectors.”

Ghanaian Company Wins Business Through the APP from Invest in Africa on Vimeo.