Impact Story

From Green Fields to Green Practices: Mwees Farm Journey in Sustainable Agriculture and ESG Empowerment

In the heart of Meru County, Felicity Mwendwa stands as the founder and managing director of Mwees Farm Enterprises LTD, a flourishing business specializing in vegetable farming. Faced with a lack of knowledge regarding crucial policies for her agribusiness, Felicity sought enlightenment through the spearheading sustainability program for Women SMEs. This program, a collaborative effort between Invest in Africa and the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), aimed to empower women entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools essential for embracing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainability practices. “Before joining the program, I had no knowledge of ESG practices and some of the policies,” she candidly admitted. 

In the landscape of crop production, Felicity encountered a significant challenge after drilling a borehole for her crops. Unaware of the necessary documentation and permits, she turned to the program for guidance, which shed light on the need of certifications like the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)Certificate. The program became a beacon, illuminating essential policies and empowering Felicity with the insights she needed. 

A pivotal moment in Felicity’s journey was the enlightening tour to “Taka Taka Ni Mali, an organization contributing positively to the advancement of sustainable development by organizing the ecosystem to ensure its green and clean. This experience not only introduced her to a diverse network of entrepreneurs but also deepened her understanding of market dynamics within the framework of ESG policies. The encounter with fellow business minds sparked new ideas and perspectives, contributing significantly to Felicity’s growth in the agricultural sector. 

Recognizing the gravity of responsibility in crop production, Felicity became acutely aware of the need for meticulous care—from seedlings to fertilizers and the proper disposal of pesticides. Post-program, she courageously embraced sustainability by venturing into organic farming, departing from traditional methods and focusing on reducing reliance on chemicals and fertilizers. 

The transition to organic farming set Mwes Farm Enterprises apart, both in appearance and cost efficiency. Adopting a methodical approach and addressing one aspect at a time, Felicity successfully reduced expenses on fertilizers and pesticides. Her business’s metamorphosis paints Felicity Mwendwa as a trailblazer in sustainable agriculture, proving that embracing ESG policies not only benefits the environment but also contributes to the long-term success and resilience of businesses like Mwes Farm Enterprises Ltd