Terry Kinyua Country Manager Invest in Africa Holding the Award
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Invest In Africa wins Safaricom Partner Award for Corporate Services

Terry Kinyua Country Manager Invest in Africa Holding the Award

Invest In Africa is delighted to announce that we were recently honoured with a prestigious partner award from Safaricom PLC, for outstanding corporate services. This remarkable achievement was announced during the 2023 Safaricom Suppliers Day held at Carnivore Grounds on Friday 11th August 2023, which was attended by over 600 partners representing 400 companies.

Invest in Africa’s partnership with Safaricom commenced in 2017 and has evolved over the years. The award is therefore a celebration of our longstanding partnership and a testament to core values of partnership, integrity, value people, innovation, transparency and teamwork. In feting Invest in Africa for the award, Safaricom applauded quick service delivery time of less that 24 hours, leveraging of technology to maintain ease and speed of reaching the service delivery team, and consistency in support to the Safaricom team.

Invest in Africa’s mission is to empower Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to create sustainable jobs, through improving their access to skills, markets and finance. To achieve this, we adopted a network approach and convened diverse stakeholders to collaboratively address systemic challenges in the MSME ecosystem. This award by Safaricom PLC both affirms our commitment to impactful partnerships as well as opens new doors for collaboration, growth, outreach and provides a robust platform for advocating policies and practices that promote MSME growth and job creation.

Our gratitude to Safaricom PLC for this recognition and an invaluable partnership. We also thank our partners and network members for believing in our mission, your trust and commitment which are the foundation of our work. Together, we shape a future that is impactful to all, and one that we can take pride in.

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